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Possible Essay Questions for Nervous System
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1. What is Resting Membrane Potential and how is it established? ()

2. What is Action Potential and how is it generated? ()

3. What is a synapse and how is information transmitted at the synapse? ()

4. Explain how messages are sent by neurons.  Include a description of the cell membrane, its different channels and the distribution of ions, what a resting membrane potential is and how it is established, and how the wave of depolarization moves along the cell membrane. ()

5. Discuss the production, circulation and re absorption of CSF. ()

6. Name  and give a description of the meninges. ()

7. Describe the distribution of white and grey matter in the brain and spinal cord.  Include a description of the composition of each. ()

8. Name 3 types of neurons by structure and state were in the body each type is found. ()

9. Name and describe the 4 principle parts of the brain. ()

10. If the all or none pronciple is true, explain why we can distinguish between light and heavy touch. ()

11. Describe the general structure and function of the Hypothalamus. ()

12. Describe the hypothalamus and the role it plays in the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine system. ()

13. Where does sensory perception occur? Explain. ()

14. Describe phantom pain. Explain. ()

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